Monday, January 2, 2012


On new year's eve I stood beneath a star speckled sky, sobered by time. After all, it has the ability to not only usher in a new day, but also a new year. Then I stepped back into the familiarity of the four walls I call home after kissing the year's end goodnight. I closed the door on yesterday then reached for my pen and paper to record the resolutions weighing heavy on my mind. And as my pen maneuvered across the page, I felt determined to document something significant. But when my thoughts moved from my head to the paper, they appeared to pile up as artificial comforts I have allowed to cradle my heart. The things that spilled out only paled in comparison to the One who created the night sky or the passing of time. So I crumbled up them up and threw them in the trash before praising the One who never comforts me artificially, but only offers what is true. And I found my new year's resolution; to stop craving the comforts of this life and to start praising Him more.

What are your resolutions for this new year?

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