Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Get Your Life Together

I stood in a crowd full of familiar faces. I called some people friends, while others were simply members of a culture I called my own. Among these, I felt a sense of family as well as a sense of belonging. They were my community. But I stood among them with my life disheveled. So when I asked the nearest person for help, one woman sternly said, "Go and get your life together" when she saw my arms could not carry everything I tried to hold.

Three years have passed since that time, and in those three years I have taken steps to get my life together in more ways than one. Today, for instance, I took my kids to school, then spent time picking up around my house. It was immaculate on Sunday when we had friends over for brunch. But life gets lived and my house shows it. So I took a look at www.entertainingforeternity.blogspot.com and followed some simple advice about how to stay organized. It's all the small steps I need to take as a wife, a mother and a minister that keep my life together.

How do you work toward getting things together in your life?

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